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The DMS® as a natural protective barrier

The Great Barrier Reef is a natural barrier to protect the beauty of the Australian coastal region from the influence of natural forces. The skin's own sebum, an oily substance produced by sebaceous glands in the skin, has a similar function and supports and maintains the skin's natural structure. It thus protects the coast of our body, the skin, from pollutants and pathogens. However, like the coral reef in northeast Australia, the sebum itself is exposed to environmental influences that stress and damage it. In both cases, protecting the largest human organ and the coastal area means strengthening their protective barriers.


Emulsifiers are often used in creams to ensure the stability and even texture of the oil-water mixture. Choosing the right one is complex, as many emulsifiers have a harmful effect on the skin and the environment. Inappropriately selected concentrations impair the effectiveness of active ingredients or cause skin irritation and allergies. They also combine with natural skin fats, the lipids, and wash them out of the skin. This "washout effect" of lipids caused by emulsifiers and excessive face washing is roughly equivalent to a "coral bleaching" of our skin. The protective barrier crumbles.


Among the most important lipids in human skin are triglycerides, squalane, ceramides, cholesterol and phospholipids. It is no coincidence that they are all essential components of the DMS base for all Derma SR creams. Triglycerides store fats and energy and protect the skin from drying out. They occur naturally in Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, the shea butter. Squalane is also a vegetable lipid found in olive oil and is characterized by its excellent compatibility. Ceramides are another important component of the lipid barrier. They lock moisture into the skin, keeping it hydrated and youthfully firm and supple. While ceramides can be extracted from yeast, cholesterol is usually produced synthetically. It strengthens skin elasticity and contributes to the integrity and firmness of the skin barrier. Phospholipids from soy serve as a natural emulsifier that facilitates the mixing of lipid-soluble and water-soluble substances.


The DMS therefore corresponds to the skin's own sebum, or derma membrane structure. As a result, the skin regards it as a part of itself. It is suitable for all skin types and its excellent tolerance makes it particularly recommended for people with skin problems. It is quickly absorbed and integrates perfectly into the intercellular lipid structures, where it regenerates and supports the disturbed barrier function. The unique properties of DMS creams are based on the lamellar system of the oil-in-water mixture. The ingredients are homogenized under high pressure using modern technology. This results in a balanced ratio of hydrophilicity (water attraction) and lipophilicity (fat attraction) in the molecules. The cream remains stable and the lipid components are perfectly distributed.

Derma SR creams develop their effectiveness through the skillful combination of the DMS base with the profound effects of active ingredients under the skin.

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