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Derma SR Home Care Sets – Useful and Beautiful Gifts for Xmas!

Each skin type is different. As we offer personalized treatment courses to suit each individual skin type, the best and most visible results are achieved when the right products are also used at home.

The Derma SR sets are a perfect addition to a Derma SR treatment program. Each set contains products to suit individual skin types. After professional Derma SR treatments at the beauty institute, customers will see their skin improving within a matter of days when the right products also get used regularly at home!

Xmas is coming and your customers will be grateful to have a useful and beautiful gift for their loved ones or just for themselves.

This Xmas, we are giving you a special offer: Order 5 sets selected from the following and get 1 set in addition free of charge! (If you are ordering online, please contact us to choose your free set!)

Set 1: Blemish Control Set

Combats existing acne and brings impure, oily skin back into balance. Suitable for oily and stressed skin.

Set 2: Anti-Pigment Set

Combats existing pigment disorders, a great treatment program during winter. Suitable for all skin types with pigment irritations.

Set 3: Anti-Age Hydrating Set

Hydrating effect for smooth, balanced and more youthful looking skin. Suitable for normal and combination skin.

Set 4: Anti-Age Firming Set

Counteracts premature skin aging and stimulates cell renewal. Suitable for dry, mature skin.

Set 5: Couperose Control Set

Improves inflammation of the skin and the appearance of couperose. Suitable for sensitive and hypersensitive skin.

For more detailed information on Derma SR products and treatments, you can contact me by email at or by phone (+43 5332 56671).

We wish you a successful Xmas business!

Warmest regards, Izabela Kuzmanovic


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