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Strong hair growth through targeted supply of active ingredients and vitalization

In the course of our lives, hair can often become thinner and weaker - this affects both men and women. The reasons for hair loss or changes in hair structure are individual and varied. Factors such as stress, menopause, pregnancy, genetic predisposition, medication or even environmental influences can permanently weaken hair growth.

To ensure a healthy balance of the scalp, we have developed a solution for those affected with our Derma SR Hair Vitalizer Serum combined with regular Dermaneedling treatments. The Derma SR Hair Vitalizer Serum counteracts thin and weak hair with specially selected active ingredients. Highly dosed peptides sustainably support the regeneration of the hair follicle and enable the reprogramming of the hair bulb.

The active ingredients Capilia Longa, a turmeric extract, for activating inactive hair follicles and hyaluronic acid penetrate deep into the scalp thanks to the Dermaneedling process and ensure optimal cell regeneration.

We recommend a Dermaneedling cure over 4 - 6 months in 4 weekly intervals in a professional institute. The treatment is supported by daily application at home by the client with the Derma SR Hair Vitalizer Essence. Gentle hair care with the Derma SR Sensitive Repair Shampoo and the Keratin Repair Conditioner are also essential.

"Full hair is desirable for all of us."

To learn the Derma SR Hair Vitalizer Dermaneedling treatments professionally, visit our Derma SR Hair Vitalizer Masterclass - simply from home via Zoom or on site at our SC Academy in Angerberg, Tyrol.

For more detailed information please feel free to contact me by email at or by phone at +43 5332 56671.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Izabela Kuzmanovic

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