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Xmas-ready with a Derma SR skincare routine

After an eventful year, it is time for your customers to spoil themselves and give themselves a little Xmas treat. What could be better than spending the holidays around family and friends with perfectly radiant skin?

So, here is our choice for a perfect Xmas season skincare routine.

  • Cleansing

Winters can be particularly rough on the skin. To wipe debris and dullness away, it needs to be cleansed twice a day. We recommend the Derma SR Gentle Cream Cleanser and Active Skin Tonic to start a christmassy treatment.

  • Deep Cleansing = Exfoliate

A deeper exfoliation is essential. But remember, if done at home and not by a professional, it should be a mild one. The best @home product is our Derma SR BHA Exfoliator. It can help to combat acne, scars, and dull skin.

  • Nourish with masks

The most crucial part of any winter skincare is giving the skin the nourishment, which it requires especially in the cold season of the year. The external influences like dryness and cold wind stress our skin highly. This is why using the Derma SR Pure Energy mask, or a Hyaluronic Bio-Cellulose mask is a great way to balance and rejuvenate it again.

  • Moisturize

If the skin is not hydrated and moisturized enough, the make up will not look flawless. And either in the company Xmas-party or amongst our dear ones at home, we want to look our best. For a perfect make up base use the Derma SR Pure Hyaluronic Essence in combination with the Derma SR Rich Firming Cream.

Make sure your customers are not neglecting their under-eye area and the décolleté - we use the Derma SR, Eye Lift Cream and the new Derma SR Formative Neck & Décolleté Fluid.

And just like that, your customers are ready to shine as bright as the Xmas decorations.

For more information you can contact me directly by email or by phone +43 5332 56671 29.

We wish you a merry festive season and a Happy New Year!

Warmest regards!

Yours Izabela


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